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Best of 2008: Peace, Faith, Love and Hope


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The Grand essentials of happiness are: something to do, something to love, and something to hope for.

-Allan K. Chalmers




Another year has come and gone and another fast approaching.  This year, 2008, was rather trying and glorious at the same time.  As with each year that passes, I enjoy moments of reflection while walking a thin line, as not to cross over into the dreadful woulda, shoulda, couldas. 

As a reformed type A, goal oriented, “plan A-plan B-and back up planC” personality, I want to take some time to think about the highlights and lowlights (contrast is important – helps one clearly focus on what is wanted as opposed to what is not) of 2008.  You ever notice how the lowlights can be highlights as well?   The lowlights leads us to new depths in our journey in this beautiful lifetime.


  • Lived fearful for much of the year
  • Two businesses failed
  • Severed several relationships (too toxic)
  • Moved from my home of 10 years


  • A clear business plan has been unveiled to me
  • Nurtured friendships and shared more love
  • Moved into a beautiful new home
  • Moved to a new state
  • Let go of stress, strain and resistance
  • Adopted an attitude of gratitude
  • Learned to trust my inner spirit, intuition

There were frightening moments, like when I made the decision to leave my marriage and move to another state.  The decision was made in less than 10 minutes.  I was faced with a decision to move from misery and into a more peaceful and blissful state (of course I didn’t know that at the time) all within a matter of minutes.  You are not stuck in your circumstance.  You have choices, make the ones that are best for you.

When I moved I left behind my businesses, my home and my life as I had know it for 18 years.  But, the relief that I felt when I made the decision to move forward was the most peace I had ever felt in my life.

So, as you are faced with decisions this upcoming year, search for feelings of joy.  Trust your intution that you are making the right decision for yourself.  This is risky, because you will have to become comfortable with being selfish.  It gets easier the more you do it, trust me!

The constrast from last year to this new year is: I am facing the upcoming year with a deliberate hope as opposed to living in fear last year. 

New things are on the horizon for me and I am open to allowing it in, I wish this for you too!  Happy New Year! 






Love, Opening to New Energy

P.S. I love you

P.S. I love you





 Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.YESTERDAY



After many years of living a near loveless existence.  I am now open to sharing love with someone special.  Early on in my life, I eagerly decided to romantically disconnect.  I checked out of the love game.  You see, i had fallen in love with someone and when the feelings of love wasn’t reciprocated to my standards (he did not show his love for me the way I thought he should), I emotionally disconnected.  All the suitors and semi-love relationships thereafter were mediocre in my opinion and largely due to my own creation.

I honestly did not want anyone to fall in love with me, because I did not want to reciprocate love because I didn’t want to face the hurt that I felt was on the other side.  So, I chose to ration out little, itty, bitty pieces of my love.  Just enough to make the man I was in a relationship with feel as if I loved and cared for him. 

He knew it wasn’t my all or my everything, but it was all that I was willing to give at the time.  This lack of loving on my part, more often than not, created more disharmony in my relationships.  But, I was comfortable with the discourse that this caused rather than allow myself to let go and share my love.

Now that I think about it, I tried to control how I was going to give love and how I was going to receive it.  All of this, in an effort to avoid being hurt.  I now see that it was more painful not to love than it was to love and risk being hurt.


I now feel I am ready to LOVE.  For the first time in my life I can express how I expect it to look and feel.

Love: It is a loving, warm, enjoyable and caring family in a delightful household.

Love: It is in the form of a loving, passionate, caring man that I respect and admire.  He is someone, who loves, supports and accepts me for just being.  He is someone I am 100% comfortable being with as well.  He is someone who makes me smile on the inside, as well as, physically on the outside.  The love that we will share with one another is one that I feel within every cell of my body now.  This love is so deep and natural, but most of all it is mutual.  It resonates from the inside, which is a sign that I love myself, therefore I am open and ready to share a deep love with someone.

Have you decided to open your heart and allow love to manifest in your life.  If so, I would like to hear your story.

Until next time, love, peace and *muah*