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Are You Willing to Sacrafice Ease and Comfort

comfort-ye by Through the Veil

flickr: comfort-ye by Through the Veil



Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed on an equal or greater benefit.

Napoleon Hill


Every morning I receive a quote of the day in my inbox.  Today’s quote struck accord within me;

“What keeps so many employees back is simply unwillingness to pay the price, to make the exertion, the effort to sacrifice their ease and comfort.”

— Orison Swett Marden, motivational expert

As a young adult with two small children, I played small and lived small.  I did not exert too much effort in being.  I simply lived passively, by default you might say.  I did not want to ruffle God’s feathers by asking too much.  I just wanted to live enough to get by unnoticed and without causing too much of a ruckus.  I did not dream big dreams, just dreamed small enough to provide for my family.

So, imagine my surprise when I was promoted to supervisor six months after working for a mid-sized company.  I was in complete amazement, total shock. I thought my manager had totally lost his mind, did he see something in me that I didn’t see in myself?  This shocking occurrence happened many times at several other companies I worked at over the years.  Each time I was promoted, I chalked it up to luck.  I did not truly see in myself what others saw in me.  I did not feel I was doing anything special when I was offered promotions.  I was just doing my job. 

What I didn’t realize back then was that when you do something well/good/great, life has to provide you with the next step up.  In other words, to use the words of the great Napoleon Hill If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way”.

Looking back on those times, I did small things in a great way.  I didn’t have the confidence or positive self image to go out and do great things, but when I did small things – I did them great.

Fast forward to early 2000, I became fed up with living a “small” life.  I had been promoted several times and earned a great income for my family.  Then something strange happened, I began wanting more.  I wanted more material things, so that I could fit in with those around me.  I wanted to shop whenever I felt the urge, at the stores that were out of my budget.  I wanted to wear designer duds and carry designer purses and drive expensive cars.  I wanted all the things that I thought would make me noticeable to others and happy within myself.  You might know how this story ends, eventually, what I ended up with was major credit card debt, a shopping addiction and more dis-ease and less contentment within spirit.

Then late 2003, I felt an emergence in my soul, a wrangling in my spirit, a yearning for more, more life, a bigger experiences.  But, these feelings frightened me.  So, I ran from them.  I was so entrenched in fear that it had strangled my life.  It was intense and uncomfortable.  I became irritable and withdrawn.  I was ashamed.  I was afraid others saw the fear in me, so I became more assertive, negative and judgmental.  I made the usual statements made by people who passively lived their lives by default, “I will never get what I want, only lucky people live the lives of their dreams.  I was born poor, so I will die poor.”  I even used a statement to my children that I dreaded each time my mother said it to me, “money doesn’t grow on trees.”

I tried to cover up my feelings and I began to put on a front to appear strong, successful and happy.  I did this by buying more things and going on vacations, all so that I could brag about my accomplishments.  All the while, I was empty.  I was living the life of someone I didn’t recognize, someone I didn’t even like.  My whole life’s existence was based on money, money that I did not have.  Somewhere along the line my self identity was in direct correlation of how much money I had or did not have.  I was spiritually drowning.  I realized I had to do something to get back on track with the Creator to turn the ship around.

In an effort to get back to my true self.  I began purchasing self-help books and audios.  I was seeking, actively seeking for the answers to my problems.  I was sure the answers were written in a book.  The key to unlock the passion and purpose for my life was somewhere out there and I was sure to find it.  I spent hundreds, if not thousands of dollars attending seminars and workshops.  I was always excited right before these events and immediately thereafter.  Then the thoughts I was running from would creep into my mind and completely absorb my spirit, you know the thoughts, the thoughts that this is all thoroughly useless.  As I ran from these thoughts, I said superficial affirmations daily.  I looked in the mirror and looked into my own eyes to reprogram the thoughts.  Nothing worked. Nothing worked until I realized the answers were within me all along.  All I had to do was realize that and when I did a real sense of peace sprung within me.

Today, I am quite victorious in my journey of discovery, as I have learned that there are no gurus or magic bullets out there that hold the solutions to the lessons I must learn in this lifetime.  The only true guru is life and it is meant to be lived, so look within and you will find that ease and comfort are your virtuous right and there is nothing you need to do, just BE.







Creativity as a Spiritual Practice

at-least-i-look-creative, .lollo

flickr: at-least-i-look-creative, .lollo

Creativity is. . . seeing something that doesn’t exist already.  You need to find out how you can bring it into being and that way be a playmate with God.

Michele Shea

I woke this morning with a burning question on my mind.  Is creativity a spiritual practice? 

What do you think?  I say, yes, creativity is a spiritual practice.  Were it not for creation, the universe would not exist, humanity would not exist, for that matter you and I would not exist.  Let’s explore some methods/acts of creativity.

Ever notice how time seems to disappear when you are involved in creation.  This happens to me everytime I am emersed in a creative activity such as drawing, carpentry or writing, I become lost in my creation.  It is as if I am in a semi-meditative state and my connection with source is profound.

These are the moments when I am in co-creation with my Higher Self.  My Creative Self.  The spirit within me seeks manifestion through creative activity.  What is your method of creative expression?  Whatever it is–just be open to it. 

For some people , it may be creating a business plan, drawing a picture, stringing beads to create jewlery or cooking a gourmet meal.  Whatever it is, when you feel the tug to create make time for it.  Do not deny it.  It is your opportunity to connect with your source.

When you allow yourself to be lost in creation, you enter a semi-meditative state and there are several benefits for you.  Look at the roles of the left and right brains:

  • The Left Brain: the verbal, logical and  analytical portion of your brain. This side of the brain is responsible for the three R’s: reading, writing and arithmatic.  
  • The Right Brain: non-verbal and is highly visual, intuitive and perceptual.  This side of the brain is responsible for our creativity.

Left Brain Activities

If you are like the vast majority of the people in the world you probably spend a great deal of your time doing left brain activities.  Take for instance, family responsibilities; balancing the check books, organizing children’s schedules, creating menus and preparing meals, etc.  You are deeply involved in rote and mundane tasks that of which do not require any creativity.  These are tasks you do daily without thought.  It is almost like driving a car, you don’t think twice about the task of driving to your destination and before you know it, you have arrived.  You probably do not take the time to enjoy the scenery.  Whenever I take a moment to “smell the daisies” I discover so many wonderful things along the route that I hadn’t noticed in the past.  Does this happen to you?  Imagine how much you are missing in life with the sequential routines that we partake in everyday.     

Right Brain Activity

A few years ago, I surprisingly gave into my Creative-Self, which sought to manifest that which wanted to be birthed.  I say surprisingly because I had denied that part of myself when I became a mother and entered the workforce.  As a child, I was drawn to creating with my hands.  I loved drawing.  I can remember drawing all the Disney characters before I was 12 years old.  The drawings were quite good, too.  So good that my mother asked if I had traced them.  I was not amused and was very disappointed that she did not have faith in my drawing abilities.  I asked her to watch as I drawed a picture of Fred Flintstone, when I was done she was convinced that I was not a “poser”, I borrowed that word from my children.  

In early 2005, I had a strong urge to remodel my kitchen.  I had never done any major carpentry work in my life, although I had a strong affinity for carpentry since way back in high school when I made a small bench for my mother for Mother’s Day. 

Never one to back down from a challenge, I decided to do the work myself, well the work that did not require a license, such as electrical and plumbing, for that I hired contractors.

I spent a lot of time at Lowes and HomeDepot, sometimes I had to take three or four trips in one day.  It took me three months to complete the project.  Once I got going, it was as if time stopped.  I became totally immersed in the project.  I gave the project my full attention and discipline.  It was a form of meditation.  I gave the project my attention, applied skill and hard work.  Take a look at the end result:

Before Pictures

After Pictures

I am very proud of the results of the kitchen remodel project.  I ripped down walls and installed and refaced cabinets.  The task was difficult at times, but most of all it was gratifying.  I emerged from this project more connected with my Creative-Self and a more spiritual clarity than ever before.

Are you being urged to undertake a project?  Are you denying your creatitivity?  Make the decision to creatively explore your God-given talents and share it with the world.  Who knows the next Picaso or Microsoft Windows can be waiting to be birthed through you.  Take time out to “smell the daisies”.

Much love and creativity *muah*

Ms. Motiv8lips01

The Motiv8 Life Center


motivation is everything- Flickr: Scottj

Hi, I’m Marie aka Ms. Motiv8, the author of the Motiv8 Life Center.  Welcome, to this exciting community of personal enrichment and development.  A place where continuous learning is the platform. 

For as long as I can remember, I’ve dreamed of a better life for myself and my family.  There were times when I thought I needed to buy a new car, get a new house, obtain a higher paying job, or a take dream vacation to realize happiness.  Obviously, I was wrong or I would not have anything to write about today, lol.  As you know, what I soon discovered was that each time I achieved my “new” whatever, there was still an underlying sense of unfulfillment and unhappiness.  I often felt as if happiness was fleeting and only meant to last a few moments.

What I’ve learned is that I was looking outside myself for happiness and the underlying sense of unfulfillment I felt was my soul seeking expression. 

My spirit sought freedom to express my truest self.  Here, I will share my many, many paths to spirit seeking expression through articles and topics of interest all of which continues to allow me to unfold the path to spiritual freedom.

Are you the co-creator of your life?  Are living as a victim waiting for the perfect “new” to reach happiness?  Let me know your story, I would love to hear it.

Peace, love and *muah* lips011

Marie aka “Ms. Motiv8”

The Law of Attraction


law-of-attraction-Flickr Constantino Art


Early last year, I was divinely introduced to spirituality.  A good friend, Maria called one afternoon.  Her exact words to me were, “girrrrl, my mother just called to say Oprah has guests on her show are involved in a book called The Secret you should check it out”.  I didn’t hesitate to turn the channel to my favorite talk show host, Ms. Oprah Winfrey.

As I sat there watching my television that February afternoon, my heart began to dance with excitement.  That was the first time I heard about this concept–the law of attraction.  And somehow, it resonated with my soul.  I was alive and yearning for more information.  

That day, I searched the internet for more and the days that followed, I found myself wandering the aisles of new and used bookstores.  While visiting a used bookstore in my town, I came across a book that became my favorite jewel, Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain.   

Although, I enjoyed watching the movie The Secret, it just didn’t offer any practical tips for applying the “secret” into my everyday life.  Besides, I wanted more for myself on a deeper level.  I just did not want to focus on money and manifesting material things.  What I found in reading Shakti’s book, Creative Visualization, was a very practical guide to visualization.  She offered her experiences and how her search for spirituality was unveiled and how these techniques led her to her lifes work.

It was reading this book, that I learned multiple meditation and clearing techniques.  I began to achieve results immediately.  I started to practice everyday, morning and night.  After two months of visualizing my perfect life on the screen of my mind, I was sitting in my brand new offices located in downtown Hartford, Connecticut.  I thought, “wow” this definitely does work. 

It was great initially, but I soon realized that continuous practice is necessary to achieve my desired results.  Especially during stressful times, you know those times when you cannot conceive a positive thought, let alone visualize a perfect life or scenario.  It was especially hard for me when my business was slow or nearly non-existent. 

As my business accumen was tested, I became stressed out and fearful.  As you may know, negative energy and creative visualization doesn’t create the perfect combination for success.  So, I stopped my creative visualization practice.  Soon after, I became depressed and withdrawn. 

I still had a yearning in my spirit, an unsettling.  There was more for me to seek and find.  I soon discovered, EFT, NLP, Hypnosis, more information about the law of attraction, Abraham-Hicks, Seth, meditation,  and mind mapping to name a few. 

Today, my heart is filled with a burning desire to learn more.  An unquenchable thirst lies within my core to share what I have learned and know to be true for me with others.  I will use this platform as a means to share my discoveries with you, my new friends in spirit.

Enjoy!  *muah*lips01