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The Law of Attraction


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Early last year, I was divinely introduced to spirituality.  A good friend, Maria called one afternoon.  Her exact words to me were, “girrrrl, my mother just called to say Oprah has guests on her show are involved in a book called The Secret you should check it out”.  I didn’t hesitate to turn the channel to my favorite talk show host, Ms. Oprah Winfrey.

As I sat there watching my television that February afternoon, my heart began to dance with excitement.  That was the first time I heard about this concept–the law of attraction.  And somehow, it resonated with my soul.  I was alive and yearning for more information.  

That day, I searched the internet for more and the days that followed, I found myself wandering the aisles of new and used bookstores.  While visiting a used bookstore in my town, I came across a book that became my favorite jewel, Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain.   

Although, I enjoyed watching the movie The Secret, it just didn’t offer any practical tips for applying the “secret” into my everyday life.  Besides, I wanted more for myself on a deeper level.  I just did not want to focus on money and manifesting material things.  What I found in reading Shakti’s book, Creative Visualization, was a very practical guide to visualization.  She offered her experiences and how her search for spirituality was unveiled and how these techniques led her to her lifes work.

It was reading this book, that I learned multiple meditation and clearing techniques.  I began to achieve results immediately.  I started to practice everyday, morning and night.  After two months of visualizing my perfect life on the screen of my mind, I was sitting in my brand new offices located in downtown Hartford, Connecticut.  I thought, “wow” this definitely does work. 

It was great initially, but I soon realized that continuous practice is necessary to achieve my desired results.  Especially during stressful times, you know those times when you cannot conceive a positive thought, let alone visualize a perfect life or scenario.  It was especially hard for me when my business was slow or nearly non-existent. 

As my business accumen was tested, I became stressed out and fearful.  As you may know, negative energy and creative visualization doesn’t create the perfect combination for success.  So, I stopped my creative visualization practice.  Soon after, I became depressed and withdrawn. 

I still had a yearning in my spirit, an unsettling.  There was more for me to seek and find.  I soon discovered, EFT, NLP, Hypnosis, more information about the law of attraction, Abraham-Hicks, Seth, meditation,  and mind mapping to name a few. 

Today, my heart is filled with a burning desire to learn more.  An unquenchable thirst lies within my core to share what I have learned and know to be true for me with others.  I will use this platform as a means to share my discoveries with you, my new friends in spirit.

Enjoy!  *muah*lips01